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Mx3 pop-up shop, gallery & studiospace


We are three individual Norwegian artists, who showcase our work in a pop-up shop & art studio throughout February. Visit us, view our artworks, talk with us and see some of our painting process as we will be painting here in this period.


Åpningstider 3-29 februar: Mandag-fredag: 10.00-21.00 Lørdag: 09.00-19.00

Marlen E. Flatsetø

Acrylic paint is my main medium, often on a dark background with a realistic motif combined with abstract elements, my characteristic colorful pourpaint and metallic pigments. I illuminate important themes through my art, and link projects to charitable purposes.


Martine B. Mortensen

I paint according to feelings and what I find joy in. Lots of colors, textures and shapes. "Passion is my style" and I want my personality to shine through. At the same time, I love playing with the paint.

Marit Spilde

I am inspired by music, different types of people and moods. My acrylic paintings are mainly figurative with abstract elements, and like to play with all kinds of motifs and media.

Vi tar bestillingsverk, maler p

å oppdrag - på eventer og teambuildingaktiviteter!

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