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My first Vernissage, Aker Brygge

Right after this event, I seriously feel like an empty, shrunken, wrinkelled balloon, having used up all my air at the two-day event and all the pre-work that goes into setting it all up! So it has taken me some time to process and get back into my everyday rhythm again.

About 70 people came by these two days in august, and I am completely overwhelmed by all the nice feedback and response to my art. It gives me so much motivation and drive !!

A selection of my pieces and prints have now moved into their new homes, and I must admit that some are really hard to part with even though I am happy to know they will spread inspiration and happiness elsewhere, as well as off course contributing to me making a living.

Meet my two little stars who were my gallery assistents part of the event:


  • PSA Consulting - for letting me borrow your walls and social zone

  • Piccolina Oslof - or making beautiful tasty minicupcakes 🧁🌸

  • To my husband Martin for being a superhero doing all the practical work with transport and hanging up paintings!

  • Endre Christensen - for fixing the perfect playlists

  • Tina S. Tobiassen - for contributing with logistics at the event

  • Khoa Đăng Đỗ - for photographing

  • Everyone that showed up, thank you for taking the time!

  • Those who bought my art, thank you for supporting my little business of following my dream!


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