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Host: PrideArt

See the program below for opening hours and happenings

Queer Art Gala: October 14th 18-20pm Jakob cultural church Oslo - Fundraiser art-auction

I'm probably the only straight artist at this event, but I'm proud and honored to be a part of and support these talented, beautiful people, the causes and rights they fight for and the projects they work so hard for! Over 150 artists with 600 boundary-breaking works of art that provoke and inspire are exhibited in what will be a party of a festival!

2022 is «queer cultural year» and PrideArt has been at the forefront of several historical commemorations and exhibitions this year, e.g. at the national museum, the national theater despite opposition and they have erected a pink triangle over the Nazi building on Olavshaugen.

I will be exhibiting my fine art print "pink passion - the sky is the limit", which is by far my most popular print, and which now hangs in homes all over the world.

The original 100x120cm painting will be auctioned off at their fundraiser in Jakob cultural church where all funds go to the project for a queer art and culture centre, safe drug-free meeting places for queer youth!

Visit the exhibition for free between 7th and 4th of October to see many great works of art and an experience a little out of the ordinary. The opening party is at 18pm Friday 7 October with Christine Koht and lots of fun!

If you want to attend the fundraiser gala with burlesque, bubbles, opera, slam piano, percussionists and an art auction on 14th of October, you can buy tickets on Ticketmaster - only 400 available!

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