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Photo: Helge Meisal

I have a need to create that is grounded in everything I do. ADHD is my superpower and my challenge in many ways, but art is a great personal outlet for energy and chaos. My artworks often have underlying origin in societal boundaries, unfairness and restrictions, but I get inspired by the beauty that surrounds it. I want to contribute to awareness on important subjects through my art, and I donate to various causes through some of my projects.


My "signature" is dark backdrops with colorful popping motifs, often with pour paint and metallic or holographic elements.

Art by Marlen


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I am currently working on a series of 10 original artworks that will also be released as a limited collection of fineart prints when the series is completed.


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I will draw a giveaway print of choice from this series amongst my subscribers when it is complete. 

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