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Marlen E. Flatsetø






"The need I have to create that is grounded in everything I do. I think in visuals and get inspired by anything. I love exploring techniques and mediums, and in my opinion an artist will never be fully trained - we are under constant development, and can always evolve our skills. Art has no two lined answer - it is very subjective. It is the feeling we are able to draw from the viewer and their connection to the painting that is key. To me there is no greater feeling than being able to inspire and trigger feelings to that extent that someone wants to have my work on their wall." 



 B I O 

Marlen E. Flatsetø (1986) is an autodidact contemporary artist, based in Norway selling internationally. Her medium is acrylic, often a brush-stroked motif in combination with her signature colourful pour paint with metallic pigments on dark backdrops, that stands out and makes the motifs pop. The artist displays a varied range of motifs, from plain abstracts to sensual bodies, animals, portraits, ballerinas and skylines. Marlen is devoted to contributing to a better world through her art, and often connects fundraising for various causes to her projects.




Contact for commissions, collaborations, projects or other inquiries. 


 Photo: Khoa Dang Do 


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Autodidact contemporary artist



2005-2009,   Bachelor degree - Event Management

International College Of Management, Sydney  


2021 Jan,     Egenart, Scandinavian online 
art platform 



 2021 Feb,    M.A.D.S. Milano artgallery, curator Ilaria Falchetti



2022 June,   Context Gallery, Venice     

2022 Nov,  Via Showcase, Oslo



2022 May, Female Artists Oslo

Exhibitions and experience

2021 Feb 19-28,   "Love my body" exhibition

 M.A.D.S Milano gallery in Milano, with the trio «Kylie»


2021 July 10,   «Lake Ohrid Muses - travel to Manhattan»

 Live Soaré with composer Margin Alexander in New York

 Pieces: Ballerina, Lake Ohrid and Manhattan Skydancers


 2021 August 14-15,   Solo vernissage at Aker Brygge, Oslo

 25 Original pieces were exhibited

2022 July 1-31,   Solo Pop-up exhibition, Galleriet Oslo

 Restaurant/ gallery in Grünerløkka

19 pieces exhibited

2022 August 31,   "Art and soul", The Thief Hotel Oslo

Livepainting to the tunes of Vaarin and Sandmo

The painting will be auctioned with the event in 2023

2022 September, Directive Female Artists Oslo

Title: Director of Communications and Special Events 

2022 October 7-16,   "Wunderkammer" Exhibition with Pride Art,

Design og arkitektur Norge 


2022 October 14,   "Queer Art Gala" with PrideArt in Jacobs kulturkirke

Auction: "Pink Passion - The sky is the limit" original was auctioned to raise funds for safe cultural meeting arenas for queer youth

2022 October 17-31, Exhibition of two pieces at Via Showcase, Vika Oslo

2022 November 1- current: Co-running studio co-working space and Gallery at Via Showcase, Vika Oslo

2022 November 11 - Hosting member Soiree for members of Female Artists Oslo

Coming up

2022 November 19th - Grand opening black tie 

Via Showcase by Paguro, Vika Oslo

2022 November 25th - December 8th  "Woman - Life - Freedom"

Iranian exhibition at Via Showcase, Vika




2021 Feb - current,   Untiteled series where I interpret 10 of photographer Alberto Labradors animal photografies into paintings with my signature style: Black backdrop with realistic motif combined with colorful pourpaint and metallic pigments. 


 2021 June,   3x3 m Fairitale mural in kidsroom



2021,  August,  8 Fine-art print releases

Blue Passion", "Pink Passion - The sky is the limit", "Feline Beauty", "Tropical Beauty", "Malabo", "Abiona", "Kiss my", "Adriana".


 2021- current,   Print campaign "Pink Passion" with 30% donations of sales to Amnesty for LGBT rithts

2022 March,   2 9-days challenge (one new piece of 50x60 cm each day for 9 days) 50% of sales is donated to "Redd Barna" (Save the children) for their work in Ukraine. So far €1240 (kr 12824) has been donated in this project


2022 April, Release of printed T´s and Hoodies  with a selection of paintings



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