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Live painting

Add a different touch of entertainment to your event with live-painting. 

Let your guests get insight in the process of composing an artwork 


Photo: Max England, The Thief Oslo, Art´n´Soul

Team building

Let me bring your team together in a different and creative way, by letting them engage in painting as an exercise or teamwork!

I also have several partners in different artistic genres I can team up with to bring more elements to the experience


Robert Holan, The THIEF

From the very beginning, Marlen displayed remarkable professionalism and a genuine passion for her craft. She approached the collaboration with creativity and dedication, turning our venue into a canvas that breathed life into her art. Her ability to transform spaces with her artistic vision is nothing short of extraordinary.


What stood out Marlen's friendliness and collaborative spirit. She effortlessly made everyone feel valued and appreciated. Her warm and approachable personality created an environment where ideas flowed freely, making the entire process enjoyable and productive.


The feedback from our guests was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their admiration for Marlen's work and the atmosphere she helped create. It was evident that her art resonated with our audience, and her presence added a unique and memorable dimension to our venue.


I would highly recommend Marlen for any future collaborations or artistic endeavors. Her talent, professionalism, and friendly demeanor make her a pleasure to work with, and I have no doubt that she will continue to excel in her artistic career.


Thank you, Marlen for bringing your remarkable talent and positive energy to THE THIEF. It was a pleasure collaborating with you, and I look forward to the opportunity to work together again in the future.



Robert Holan

General Manager - THE THIEF

Erik Winther, DNV Business Assurance

It was a very nice gathering/event for everyone. We received very positive feedback from many attendees. Thats always nice!


We were very excited about how the groups would solve the tasks and I think it went very well. Everything you had prepared and the way you guided us through it, meant that we had a very good team-building in a safe environment. We were able to challenge the creative sides in an otherwise conformist office life. Great, Marlen!!


Erik Winther

Country Manager, DNV Business Assurance

Event and collaboration experience

May 2021
Mural kidsroom 3x3m wall

July 2022
Solo exhibition, Galleriet Restaurant Oslo

August 2022
Livepainting at Art´n´Soul, The Thief Rooftop Oslo

October 2022
Collaboration, Auction and donation with Pride Art, Jacobs Culture Church Oslo

February 2023
Livepainting at Art & Glam, Via Showcase Oslo with Female Artists Oslo

Art rental, PSA Consulting Aker Brygge

April 2023
Livepainting at Art & Glam, Strand Restaurant with Female Artists Oslo

June 2023
Solo Exhibition at Radisson Red Oslo Økern, "I see RED"

June 2023

Representing Female Artists Oslo live-painting at Oslo Pride Club with Personlige Opplevelser

July 2023
Reportage in "Boligdrøm" interior magazine, exhibiting my art in a beach-house home spread

August 2023
Teambuilding event for DNV, Livepainting and group assignments

August 2023
Exhibition with 6 various talents at Female Artists Oslo Arthub


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