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Let me bring a little extra sparkle to your event

Photo: Helge Meisal

Invitation into the creative process

I have fallen in love with painting live at events, where I paint on canvas as a live performance on stage/ in the event room and in various settings. I adjust theme, motif and concept to suit your event. 

This can be integrated with musical elements. I either paint a specific motif, or do an act where I make an entertaining switch f.ex. painting Salvador Dali up-side-down in 10 min (this is something I have done). 

I have amongst other painted live on top of The Thief rooftop, several Art&Glam events with Female Artists Oslo, on stage at Oslo Pride Høymagasinet, outdoor at Startup Extreme with Martine B. Mortensen, and at the She Art exhibition opening with Streetart Norge. 

I bring all the equipment needed for the performance, including floor protection. 


Photo: Helge Meisal


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