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I'm excited to announce the start of my new series, "Instincts,"

which I'm currently working on!

 Having painted numerous human and animal portraits, I'm blending the two in this new series.

Each painting will feature both a human and an animal, symbolizing a shared instinct.

The series will consist of 10 paintings, acrylic on 100x120 cm deep edge canvases, featuring metallic and holographic elements. Once the series is complete, there will also be a limited print release of each motif.


As we gaze into the eyes of our fellow creatures, we are reminded that beneath the surface of our differences, humans and animals share a profound connection - a primal language of instincts that guide us through the wilderness of life. From the primal urge to hunt and gather, to the maternal instinct to nurture and protect, we find echoes of our own impulses in the behaviors of animals. This series of paintings, 'Instincts', seeks to capture the raw energy and emotional depth of these shared instincts, revealing the universal threads that bind us together as living beings, and illuminating the ancient wisdom that lies within the biology of us all.

If you are interested in any of the originals or prints, sign up to the waiting list, write which piece(s) you're interested in and you will be contacted when the original and prints are available. 

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