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Folie à Deux

Year 2023

100x120 cm acrylic and metallic pigments on canvas


To me, the joker movie is about mental illness, and an extreme example of the consequences when society fails mental health on all levels.

There are still so many holes in the field of mental health, and the joker is such a great (extreme) example of how vast the conequences can unfold when society fails mental illness on all levels

So many have various mental conditions and face struggles within themselves, fighting prejudices, struggle to find support and understanding as well as the right help. Often there is long lines in the healthcare system, lack of research and knowledge and not enough room in the offers available. Awareness and knowledge is🔑 Don’t be so quick to judge, and maybe think twice before giving someone a hard time - you never know what they’re battling invisibly! 


Folie à deux (French - ‘folly of two’, or ‘madness [shared] by two’), also known as shared psychosis[2] or shared delusional disorder (SDD), is a rare psychiatric syndrome in which symptoms of a delusional belief, and sometimes hallucinations,[3] are transmitted from one individual to another.[4] Wikipedia 


The romance between the joker and Harley Quinn has been portrayed in different ways throughout nearly 30 years in this gotham world of villains, both explosive yet healthy, and also destructive and abusive.


I’m wondering how Todd Phillips has chosen to screen them through Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga in «Folie a Deux» 2024, but I chose to focus on the intense love unfolding in their shared societal fallout and misunderstood mental illness.


What are your immediate thoughts when you see this painting? Is it a cruel and abusive relationship or is it intense yet twisted love?


*The price includes 5% art tax

*It comes with a certificate of authenticity 

*Freight is additional. Contact me at for freight outside of Norway

Folie a Deux