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"Pink Passion - The sky is the limit" print edition!




These prints are dedicated to support the important message of Pride, equal rights for love and to be who you are! 15% of the sale from this campaing will be donated to Amnesty Norway´s work for LBTH-persons rights.




S - 30x36 cm


M - 50x60 cm


L - 70x84cm






Artpaper: Hahnemühle William turner 190g


Signed by hand


Year of production: 2021






* The prints are not framed, they are sent in tubes (world wide shipping)


*Freight is additional


Contact me for payment instalment arrangements.




The original piece "Pink passion - the sky is the limit", 100x120 cm will be auctioned off during "Queer Cultural year" with Pride Art 2022, and donated to their project of creating an arena for the Pride community evolving around art instead of the party-scene often attached to the Pride celebrations.




Psst - T´s and hoodies available with this print!




Facts about the cause from Amnesty Norway


It is a human right to be who you are and to love who you want. Yet people are discriminated against and persecuted - just for being themselves.The problemPeople all over the world are persecuted because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.It is criminal - in several cases life-threatening - to have a sexual orientation other than heterosexual:


• Homosexuality has been criminalized in 69 countries around the world.


• In eight countries you can be sentenced to death for homosexuality.


• In many countries, it is illegal to speak positively about LGBT people, and to wear rainbow badges and other things that express support for the rights of LGBT people.


• Many of the countries that criminalize homosexuality only punish men. This is often because society does not recognize that women have their own and independent sexuality.


• Homosexuality was banned in Norway until 1972. The ban only applied to gay men.

Fineart print - Pink Passion - The sky is the limit