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An era is over - a new chapter starts

Foto: Helge Ø. Meisal

I am so thankful and happy about the time I got to spend in Via Showcase, Vika Oslo in a co-working studio and gallery for four months with some dear collegues and art sisters in Female Artists Oslo! But all good things comes to an end and now it was time to move on.

I really had a blast, and we have spent our time there to the maximum. We went out with a bang, with one last party - "Art and glam", Saturday 25th of January. Dj Thomas Kielland was playing with his crew and musician Ung Medesinmann as performing, there was a cocktailbar, dancing, live- painting by some of the artists including myself and there to safely get us through the evening, security Andre Aasheim.

Photos: Helge Meisal, Troy Falck, Jean Pierre Mesinele, Tommy Strand Pettersen and others.

Special love to myart-wifies at Female Artists Oslo; Paulina Ree, Theodora Dea, Elisabeth Handelsby, Gerhardsen the gallery dog, Corina S. Narvik, Johanna Strikwerda, Martine Mortensen, Kasia Wiercinska and Iris Jonsthovel. You girls are all wonderful and it was such a pleasure to work alongside you and together on all our projects - although it definitely was a lot of work sweat and tears at times!

In between November 2022 and march 2023 we’ve pulled off;

  • Membersdinner

  • Grand Opening

  • Woman-Life-Freedom exhibition

  • Seen Exhibition

  • Chairity auction for the Woman-Life-Freedom movement with Mr. Christian Ringnes

  • Hettie Judah bookreading

  • Art and glam party

  • Several workshops and courses

  • Several kids art-openings

  • Live painting sessions

  • Changing the gallery expo several times We are hard-working and proud of what we do!!

A tribute to the time at Via

Now we are reorganizing ourselves whilst looking for a new headquarter, and in the meantime I will retreat to my garage studio for a while! Many of my pieces are now displayed at PSA Consulting, and can be viewed in Bryggegata 9, Aker Brygge. Contact me to schedule viewing

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