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Art & Glam at Strand

What a night! I must admit I still haven't landed from this event, so elegantly executed by Female Artists Oslo. It was a perfect mix of varied and beautiful art, live music, tasty food, live art, touching and fun speeches and dancing into the late hours. Strand Restaurant was really a perfect backdrop with its unique location and style. Lots of people put their glam on, and dare I say visibly enjoyed the evening. It was a night to remember, and I truly hope you get to experience one of these events if you haven't yet!

Photos: Helge Meisal, Troy Falck, Johnny Schulz and others

Together with fellow artists from the FAO community, Marit Spilte and Maral, I was live painting this evening. This has become something that I love doing, and the feedback is clearly that people enjoy watching the process of a painting in this environment.

Special thanks to the directive and team of Female Artists Oslo for putting up this fabulous opportunity for artists, guests and performers to mingle in this unique setting, especially to Day for being the head captain, to all the artists exhibiting, to beautiful Strand Restaurant and the hard-working staff, to all the behind scenes helpers - you know who you are, to Dj Thomas Kielland for pumping the mood with his beat skills, Alex Maestro trumpet quartet and Peder Øiseth for ravishing tones setting the mood, to my fellow live painters Marit Spilde and Maral Jafarian, to Fotophono for bringing the extra level pieces for showcasing their materials, to Imane Azizi from Sweet Gallery for creating a special canvas cake for the occasion, to the photographers Helge Meisal, Troy Falck and Johnny Schulz and I deeply apologize if I forgot someone.

Art in demand; Female Artists Oslo just launched a project called "Art in demand", where individuals with passion for art whom are not considered in todays society an artist, and lack courage to pursue their art. FAO is invested in showcasing and supporting these artists.

This is something I am looking forward to repeat.

Do not miss it if you're up for a different art-exhibition.

This is the finished piece from the live-paint session, and is now available in my webshop.

Acrylic on canvas with holographic paint, glitter and metallic pigments.

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