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Art´n´Soul - art meets music

What a perfect ending of the summer season! The sun was lighting up The Thief rooftop overlooking Oslo and the fjord, in a golden hour as Vaarin opened the Art´n`Soul evening with her angelic voice! Ingrid Sandmo continued the ball and I'm surprised if anyone there were left without goosebumps. They are both such warm souls, and invites you into their hearts as they perform with a timestopping presence.

Meanwhile I was painting away, interpreting two of their songs that I had received the lyrics to a week ahead. I had made a sketch that I had on my phone, and I can truly say I enjoyed every second of my very first live painting session!

I didn´t finish the piece, as it usually takes me quite more than a couple of hours to finish a painting. I have given it some more love, and I want to share with you my thoughts of how I have interpreted the songs.

Photo: Max Igland

The two songs I was interpreting were (listen by clicking the links):

"Chasing Happy" by Vaarin

"I did most" by Ingrid Sandmo

My interpretation:

Both the songs conveys a sence of vulnerability and an inside struggle to find some sort of strength. One because she was planning a future outside the childhood town with what I take is her teenage boyfriend, and got left behind whilst he went on and did it all without her. The other one struggling to find back to happiness, feeling lost in a very dark place and unsure of the way out of it.

So I have illustrated this with a naked woman falling under water.

The nudity represents vulnerability, feeling «naked», exposed and insecure. When abandoned, left behind, scared of the future, confused, being sad and experiencing unreturned love - it can all give you the feeling of falling under water. Loosing control of yourself, track of time and space, feeling alone in a dark massive space, weightless and in a void … The sea surrounding her resembles a blur of thoughts, that can make you feel as you're drowning, unable to breathe.

The light shining through is illustrating the hope that can be read between the lines of both songs. Both these characters are looking for an inner strength, finding back to their female inner power. But in this moment, she is in the dark, struggling with her emotions and there is an uncertainty to wether she will sink deeper or find the surface.

I think we all get into situations in our lives, and that we can relate to these feelings. So here is my visualization of it, and of these two beautiful songs that I have spent quite some time listening to.

This painting will be auctioned to charity with the Art´n´Soul with all the other pieces from the monthly event, in a years time.

Special thanks for the event: Art´n´Soul and Tanya for arranging this concept event!

The Thief hotel, Robert Holan and everyone else in the team for hosting this in your rooftop with the stunning sunset view, beautiful surroundings, food and drinks!

The incredible talented artists Vaarin and Sandmo ❤️

And thank you for capturing the event, making magic with your cameras (see some of their work from the night below) 📸

Thank you to everyone who showed up and made the evening so special! My heart is bursting from all the love and support I got!!

Foto: Khoa Đăng Đỗ

Foto: Max England

Foto: Khoa Đăng Đỗ

Photo: Siri

Photo: Siri

Photo: Helge Øgård Meisal

Photo: Marlen E. Flatsetø

Photo: Helge Øgård Meisal

Photo: Marlen E. Flatsetø

Photo: Marlen E. Flatsetø

Photo: Marlen E. Flatsetø

Photo: Khoa Đăng Đỗ

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