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Charity auction for "Woman Life Freedom" with Christian Ringnes

Art for a Cause: A Charity Art Auction to Support Salam LADC Norway

Photos: Helge Meisal

The auction is inspired by today's largest feminist popular uprising taking place in Iran, and by the incredible courage of Iranian women.

Female Artists Oslo´s charity auction "Woman Life Freedom" was organised by three Iranian artists: Day Yazdani, Anahita Nikman and Gazelle Pezeshkmehr, and started off with a live event on 27.01.23, 16:00, at Via Showcase. The auction continues online until the 15th of February. The event features a diverse collection of original artworks by talented local and international artists, all available for bidding. You have the chance to invest in art at a good price and support an important cause!

Go to the "diskusjon" tab in the event to bid. The online auction closes at February 15th 16.00pm

We have an impressive list of artists who donate art:
Geir Yttervik, Bjørn Båsen, AFK, Espen Schei, Jarl Vidar Arr, Irina Jomir, Knut Bry, Juan Andres Milanes, Shahram Alizadeh, Linda Kristiansen, Inga Dalsegg, Ida Warholm Bjørken, Nima Parniani, Morten Skau Næss, Ingebjørg Vatne, Marie Cole , Linn Riktor Johansen, Elisabeth Handelsby, Marek Woźniak, Paulina Ree, Marlen E. Flatsetø, Gazelle Pezeshkmehr and more.

The art auction is a unique opportunity for art lovers and collectors to not only add to their collections, but also to support a worthy cause. All proceeds from the auction will go towards Salam LADC Norway's ( mission to send humanitarian aid to civilians in need.

Norwegian businessman and philanthropist, Christian Ringnes, participated in the live charity art auction, showcasing his love for art. Ringnes, the co-founder and chairman of the Ringnes Group, made several purchases at the auction, adding to his already impressive art collection. The pieces he acquired are said to reflect his passion for contemporary art. The live auction was a success, with many art enthusiasts and cultural personalities in attendance, including Mr. Ringnes. This event further highlights his commitment to the arts and cultural heritage of Norway, as well as his dedication to international humanitarian work.

Mr. Ringnes also received an artwork by Gazelle Pezeshkmehr, of Mahsa Amini who was brutally beat to death by the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran, and a flag signed by many Iranian protesters, as gratitude from the Iranian community for his noble act of placing his statue "Fearless girl" in front of the Iranian embassy.

"We are thrilled to bring the community together through the power of art and make a positive impact in the lives of those in need," says Paulina Ree, CEO of Female Artists Oslo. "We are grateful to the participating artists who have generously donated their works and to our sponsors who have made this event possible."

The auction features a range of styles and mediums, including paintings, photographs, and mixed media pieces. The public was invited to attend the event and preview the artworks on the 27th of January, 16:00. Bidding started at 16:15 and will continue online until the 15th of February, 16:00. Light refreshments from the Iranian cuisine were provided, and attendees got to experience a lively and engaging evening filled with art, music, and community.

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