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Context Artgallery, Venice & Padova

Venice is one of my favorite places! The charming old colorful cracked buildings with cloth-racks hanging out of the windows, surrounded by the tightest streets you barely can walk through without bumping into on both sides, the green canals with gondols and water taxies, not a car in sight, honorable architectural buildings, indulgence in delectable Italian food and wine, time slowing down and I could go on and on. You can touch the romance in the air! It is a city for love!

I was supposed to attend the exhibition Arte Vicenza, but it was unfortunately postponed, as many other fairs here at the moment. I visited Context Artgallery in Padova, a pleasant town just a 30 min train ride outside Venice, where Jacopo is curating two of my artworks.

I loved seeing all the individual handpicked unique pieces in his collection showcased and look forward to our adventures ahead involving some art fairs in France.

Arrivederci, torneremo !

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