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"I See RED" summed up

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Puhhh what a night. I had built up to this for quite a while and busting myself putting up this vernissage. Initially it was ment to be an exhibition for a bit longer, but many of my pieces were too heavy to mount on the wall with the m3 tapes (they are supposed to handle the weight, but for some reason they kept falling down). Therefore we had to place them on conference tables alongside the walls, which then made an ongoing expo impossible both for safety issues, and also the meeting room spaces that were booked for other groups later on. So it was quite a lot of work for one night to be true, but it was all worth it!!

One of the artists I was bringing got sick right before the event, we only got a PA system right before the event was about to start, and I got access to the second room where my expo "wild eyes" would be only two hours in advance, so you can imagine my heart was in my mouth in the heat. It was forecasted rain a while ahead so I was checking the weather 50 times a day the two weeks ahead. My printer had also been messing with me - I had written a personal text for all the 30 artworks linking them to the title "I See RED", but my printer decided she didn't want to help me with them so I did have some barriers getting there in deed. As it always is putting on events like these. And I just wanted to start with that backdrop as it might sometimes seam like a breeze, but it really is a lot of work and hiccups alongside.

I can't count how many times I drove back and forth with my car delivering artworks for instance. Off course I had amazing help from the friendliest staff at Radisson RED, and I just need to give a special shoutout to Fen for all the help throughout, and to Jørgen for giving me this opportunity! I love the vibe of the hotel and what a match I think it is for my art. The sun goddess was on my side, shining on the beautiful rooftop terrace, and Ingrid Sandmo kicked off the evening with her time-stopping angelic voice! I am left with goosebumps whenever she sings. Then Simon Moholt really blew us away with his catchy tunes challenging society! Special thanks to these two admirable artists performing at my big evening - it meant a lot! I also want to thank everyone who came, I hope you enjoyed the art, the stories, the music, the epic surroundings, the rooftop terrace, and nice company. I felt like a headless hen running around greeting people and trying to be everywhere at once (as it usually feels in settings like these haha), but I did really take it all in and enjoyed it a lot! I am also very grateful to those investing in my art, as it gives me the opportunity to continue doing what I love, boosts my motivation and makes me work even harder ahead. To me, every piece is personal, so it is important to me that they end up in a home that really appreciates it and connects with it.

Here is a tiny photo dump of the event!

Photos: Helge Meisal & others

My series "Wild Eyes" was finished just in time to be exhibited! So I dedicated this series an own room, "Studio", to be viewed in all its glory. This is the series where I have interpreted 10 of Alberto Labrador´s animal photos into paintings. Read about the project and Alberto here.

In the bigger room, "Gallery", I exhibited 20 artworks and fine-art prints. All with a personal text linking them to the title "I see RED".

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