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"Pink Passion - the sky is the limit" summer campaign

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

"Pink Passion - the sky is the limit" will be available in high quality prints in various sizes throughout the (Norwegian) summer months, and 30% of the sale from this campaign will be donated to Amnesty Norway´s work for LGBT peoples equal rights.

Prints are available in three sizes and are printed on quality art paper; William Turner 190 g. They will be signed by hand and can be sent worldwide.

30% of the sale from this campaign will then be donated to Amnesty Norways work for LGBT peoples rights.

It is a human right to be who you are and to love who you want. Yet people are discriminated against and persecuted - just for being themselves.

The problem

People all over the world are persecuted because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

It is criminal - in several cases life-threatening - to have a sexual orientation other than heterosexual:

  • Homosexuality has been criminalized in 69 countries around the world.

  • In eight countries you can be sentenced to death for homosexuality.

  • In many countries, it is illegal to speak positively about LGBT people, and to wear rainbow badges and other things that express support for the rights of LGBT people.

  • Many of the countries that criminalize homosexuality only punish men. This is often because society does not recognize that women have their own and independent sexuality.

  • Homosexuality was banned in Norway until 1972. The ban only applied to gay men.

Photo: Amnesty Norge

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