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SEEN Vernissage, live painting and auction

The opening of "SEEN" art exhibition went off with a bang! Thankful to all the visitors that stopped by and made the eventing special for us, to the buyers that put those red dots on several pieces, my wonderful art-sisters at Via and to Helge Meisal for documenting our special moments!

The expo stands until Jan 28th, and is open weekdays 10-18, and Saturday 11-17.

Snapshots from the vernissage (Helge Meisal)


Tuesday 25th jan - Livepainting

Some of the in-house painters will be working in the studio, and invite you in to see the processes. Some will also livestream it on instagram (including me)

12-14pm GMT+1

Free entry

Friday 27th - AUCTION

Three Iranian artists, Day Yazdani, Anahita Nikman and Gazelle Pezeshkmehr, with Female Artists Oslo, would like to invite you to the Art Auction "Woman Life Freedom".

The guest of honor will be Christian Ringnes!

The auctioneer will be Anders Ribu.

We have an impressive list of artists who donate art:

Geir Yttervik, Bjørn Båsen, AFK, Espen Schei, Jarl Vidar Arr, Irina Jomir, Knut Bry, Juan Andres Milanes, Shahram Alizadeh, Linda Kristiansen, Inga Dalsegg, Ida Warholm Bjørken, Nima Parniani, Morten Skau Næss, Ingebjørg Vatne, Marie Cole , Linn Riktor Johansen, Elisabeth Handelsby, Marek Woźniak, Paulina Ree, Marlen Flatsetø, Gazelle Pezeshkmehr and more.

The auction is inspired by today's largest feminist popular uprising taking place in Iran, and by the incredible courage of Iranian women.

All profits from the sale will go to the organization Salam LADC Norway, which has years of experience with humanitarian work in the intricate situation in the Middle East.

Entry fee: NOK 100

It is possible to book a place, in which case send a message to Day on Facebook.

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