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Wunderkammer and Queer Art Gala

7-16th of October, I participated the exhibition Wünderkammer at Design and Architecture centre in Oslo, together with 160 talented queer artists showcasing in total over 600 artworks. This was an amazing experience! The collaborative spirit that everyone gave their hours, sweat and tears in putting this expo together, what this means beyond just being a great expo on so many levels! It was truly an honor to take part in it all.

Friday 14th of October was the Queer Art Gala, with entertainment and art auction where all the money was donated to PrideArt´s project of creating safe arenas for queer youth - like a queer culture house! 33 artworks in total were auctioned, 19 were sold (including "Pink Passion - the sky is the limit") and raised €10020 in total. I truly hope this contributes to let this project see daylight!

With all the recent steps backwards we are seeing happening on many arenas in the world nowdays - things like these are SO profound and important! To fight for basic human and equal rights!

I especially noted in my heart from Frederick Lucius Nathanael´s speach: «all we want is to live - all we want is to love! But where do we do that in all the days between the pride-festivals?»

I think this is a note to bare in mind about all minorities! Lets all (regardless of what «group» we belong to) stick up for eachother in the everydays too - not just the markings of each separate «cause»! Lets erase the boxes and boundaries that separates us from being a whole instead of groups and dividation - that makes markings and special celebrations nessecary… I loved everything about this event! But it’s a damn shame there needs to be a fundraiser to validate and create safe arenas for people to be a part of this society too!

I met alot of inspiring, talented, kindhearted and amazing people here, and I’m forever thankful!

I hope one beautiful day events like these will be just great events, and not historical fights of importance!

A major thank you to PrideArt Norway for all the hours - blood sweat and tears it took to put this all together - wow!! Congratulations on a spectacular expo and mindblowing gala event! Hosted perfectly by Adam Schjølberg in stunning red high heels, auctionist Malcolm McHollist, enchanting costumes and burlesque show by Gottfreds Forest Fantasy, beautiful piano piece by Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos, breathtaking opera by Adrian Angelico, performance by Øyvind Rauset, dreamy tunes by Dreamerproject, great songs by Sara Andersson and Victorious, speech by Frederick Nathanael, Cats inspired performance Victories Biet, performance by Anders Rogg and co, theatrical monolog by Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad, and performance by Matthias Anger. They all made this event one I will treasure and remember!

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