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Acrylic on canvas

100 x 120 cm 

Painted: 2023


This is the final piece in the series "Wild Eyes". I started working on this piece early 2022, where I painted the rhinos and layed a colorful pourpaint on their bodies and horns. But I got really stuck on it for a long time, put it in the back of the garage and it gave me quite some headace to be honest. When I got the motivation to pick it up again a year later, I painted black over it and started freash. I decided to not do colors on it, but keep it more true to the original photo which I love!. My secret ingredient is my metallic powder that I use in many different forms and methods. On this piece I sprayed water onto the rhinos, and then drizzled the golden powder on top of the tiny waterdrops. When it dryed it sort of reflected the rough skin of the rhinos and the piece changes from every angle. The horns are covered in golden glitter. 


*5% art tax is included in the price

* Freight is additional

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A Certificate of Authenticity is provided by the artist with the original painting

African Tanks