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A series I have been working on and off on for two years. 
I have interpreted 10 of Alberto Labrador´s animal photographs into paintings. 


Alberto Labrador

«Wild Eyes» is a series where I have interpreted 10 of Alberto Labrador´s animal photographs. This series is painted in my "signature" style with black backdrop with realistic motif in combination with a colorful pourpaint and/or metallic pigments. Not all pieces contains all the elements. In this series I emphasize on the expression in their eyes. 



Alberto Labrador: 

«I am Alberto Labrador, a wildlife and nature photographer who in his free time enjoys going out with his camera to the countryside, to the parks, to capture the beauty of nature and the wonderful inhabitants that we have on our planet. It has been a great honor for me that a great artist like Marlen took notice of my images to translate into her precious works of art»

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