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Original signed painting

Acrylic fluidart and paint brush with metallic pigments on deep edge canvas

H: 120cm W: 100cm

Year: 2019


"Ballerina" was an accident at first. It was an attempt at pourpaint that lied in an angel overnight that spread the paint in a different way than intended. It was hung on the wall, and after a while a ballerina was seen and had to be painted in. 


This painting was handpicked by the talented composer Margin Alexander to attend his live concert "Lake Ohrid muses, travel to Manhattan", in New York July 10th 2021.



* 5% art tax is included in the price

* Contact for payment options, invoice/installments, or to view the painting


Additional freight might apply for shipping outside Norway

A Certificate of Authenticity is provided by the artist with the original painting



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