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Original paintings

Acrylic on canvas

Set of 3 piecesH: 60cm W: 50 cm x 3


Kylie means curved, boomerang, beautiful, graceful one.


Seen in the «Love my body» exhibition collection with M.A.D.S gallery.


«The woman’s body is presented free, free to express and be itself. Free to show itself. A woman’s curves are often proudly displayed and emphasized. But often they are also a source of insecurities and fears on the part of women themselves.»«Between the three works is created a common thread by the use of color, the fluidity of the stroke and dripping. The shapes are harmonious and balanced, universal symbols of bodypositivism. The artist’s style is a mix between figurative and abstract. The choice of contrast between black and white brings out many reflections. The white, symbol of purity, freedom. The black symbol of mystery and refinement. Black and white as hate and love, feelings everyone feels every day towards their body»

- Ilaria Falchetti, M.A.D.S. Gallery Milan


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