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90x116 cm acrylic on deepedge canvas, with holographic colors, glitter and metallic pigments

Year 2023


This piece was painted during my live-painting session at Art & Glam Strand 27th of June.

For me, this motif represents female empowerment, the freedom I wish on every woman around the globe. I feel so lucky to be born in a country where women are respected and have freedom as individuals. There are still issues related to equality of opportunities and such, but to think about how women in different situations where they are silenced, violated, deprived from their rights and don´t even have control over their own bodies horrifies and upsets me. 


I´ve called it "transition" because I feel as women we have so many roles that we continuously have to adjust ourselves to. We need to embrace the person behind all those roles, let her shine and dare to take her place!


This original comes with a customized certificate of authenticity.

The price includes 5% art tax, freight is additional.