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70x100 cm acrylic and metallic pigments on deepedge canvas

30% of the sale will be donated to Redd Barna (Save the children) for their work for children in conflicted areas - now in Gaza. 


This piece was painted as a physical and mental reaction to seeing all the civilian pain currently in the conflicted areas of Gaza. It is extremely hard to watch mothers kissing their child goodbye in a white bag. Over 4000 children are killed in under a month in this inhumane massacre. I can’t even relate to it but I feel it to the core of my bones! And what I can relate to is a mothers love for her child.

Painting is therapy for me, and now I really had to utilize my feelings into paint! I couldn’t bring myself to paint something extreme or political in that sence, but instead I wanted to express that intense love and bond between a mother and her child. 


*Includes 5% art tax

*Includes a personal certificate of authenticity 

*Freight is additional