10 photos, 10 paintings

April 23rd 2021 I stumbled across this stunning photograph of a leopard while scrolling away in the endless world of instagram. Little did I know then how much impact this discovery would have on my work ahead!

I checked out the page of this talented photographer behind the photo I'd seen and was instantly impressed with his gallery, documenting all these beautiful creatures.

I randomly asked him if I could use the leopard photo as a reference for a painting. To my joy he said yes, and this was going to be the beginning of a great connection, friendship and a project.

Alberto did me the honor of naming this painting, "Feline Beauty".

We connected and supported each others work in the time to come. One day I got a custom order of a colorful lion. Again I turned to my friend Alberto asking for a reference.

After painting "Leo", I felt a bit guilty for using Alberto´s photos for my trade without giving him other than recognition in my social media posts. So I asked if he could put together a package price for a selection of 10 photographs of my choice, and he did. This is when I decided to make this series, that I yet have to complete and name.

As the lion was a custom order, it is the only exception of being named by the photographer himself. So this is "Leo", because it is the name of the little boy this painting was ordered to.