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I see RED

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

I am so proud to announce my upcoming exhibition "I see RED" at Radisson Red Oslo Økern rooftop end of June, in the hotels top floor in the "Gallery" with access to RED Rooftop Bar & Terrace.

Celebrate with me in this crazy cool atmosphere, view my art, enjoy music and refreshments at the bar overlooking an impressive cityscape of Oslo. I'd really love it if you RSVP to the Facebook event!

Vernissage: Thursday 22th of June Where: Radisson RED Oslo Økern Time: 18.00 pm


D. Svae

I am honored to be a part of Radisson RED Oslo Økern´s "RED arts" concept, that focus on helping start-up artists showcasing their art, hand in hand with their vision to create memorable experiences for their guests in different and casual environment.

Radisson RED Oslo Økern , _RED Arts

Our hotels are different. We take a new twist to make it unforgettable and with a relaxed, casual service style - everyone should feel welcome with us. In addition to that, we at Radisson Red Økern Oslo want to help newly established artists to have their artwork exhibited - without a commission and to show our commitment and expression of local art and collaboration. This is one of our internal concepts that we have at RED, and will proudly present RED Arts as the first at the Radisson Red Oslo Økern

Most of my current artworks will be showcased, with a personal story attached to them and how they link to the theme "I see RED". Much of my work has an underlying origin in societal boundaries, unfairness and restrictions - that makes me see red. Themes such equality wether it is gender-based, sexuality, race or health related is one of the subjects that lyes close to my heart and that is reflected in my art.

A small selection of artworks that will be displayed:

Bilder: Khoa Dang Do and others

The art exhibition will take place in the meeting rooms "Gallery" and "Studio" located on the top floor, where most of my pieces will be showcased in the "Gallery". The "Studio" is dedicated to my series "Wild Eyes" where I have interpreted 10 of Alberto Labrador´s animal photographs. This series is painted in my "signature" style with black backdrop with realistic motif in combination with colorful pour paint and metallic pigments, although not all the pieces contains all the elements. In this series I emphasize on the expression in their eyes, and the message tied to "I see RED" is to look at the world through the eyes of these majestic wild yet captivated creatures, that has had absolutely no say in how we treat their natural habitat or them. Their voices has been silenced by us, and their place in this world minimized. I have yet not completed this series, so I am working hard to finish the last couple of pieces.

Hope to see you there! :D

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