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Mixed artist expo

I was lucky to be asked by my beautiful and talented art-sister and colleague Martine Mortensen to join her expo where she gathered a selection of artists in different genres!

This was such a vibrant event with a unique touch, where all elements were so different yet complimented each other.

Firstly I want to show you these amazing artists I got to work with at this expo, that was hosted in the characteristic Art-hub of Female Artists Oslo. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the opening myself as I was at a live-painting gig. I was able to enjoy it all later on, but the magic happened the Thursday when all artists and guests were gathered, there was live football free styling, live mannequins with designer costumes, live yoga, and a DJ setting the vibes all together.

Martine B. Mortensen - Visual artist

Martine is a Norwegian artist who loves to explore the balance between the abstract and the concrete. She creates works of art that express freedom and sensuality, at the same time that she often recreates familiar images and environments. Martine is known for her genuine expression, as well as the unique combination of colors and textures in her works. She is a self-taught artist who constantly explores new areas and techniques.

Tobias Beck, Freestyle football champion and artist

Tobias is the founder of Off-Pitch and a professional football freestyler and artist, has a unique passion for football and creativity. He uses football as a canvas and creates fantastic works of art by combining the aesthetics of street football with graffiti, stencils and motifs from popular culture. Tobias is multiple football freestyle World champion, European Champion, and 3x Guinness World Records holder.

Maria Munter - Costume designer

Maria is a costume designer who has worked at The Norwegian Opera since 2008. She has now also begun to explore her own creativity and shows off her work through artistic costumes and photography. Maria is keen to show the connection between creativity, sexuality, individuality and how one wants to present oneself to the world.

Rasmus Kongsøre - Photographer and filmmaker

Rasmus is a talented freelance photographer and filmmaker from Bærum. He is known for capturing the honesty and presence of the moment in the meeting between man and nature. Rasmus is fascinated by the power of silence and explores how it can create a profound experience if you dare to face it.

Stiina Casandra - Yoga teacher

Stiina is certified in a number of therapy forms within holistic health. She works full-time as a yoga teacher and has recently started a brand new concept aimed at women: For Her. She has been teaching since 2015 both at home and abroad, and is now based in Norway.

Sunday at: 12.00-14.30 you can take part in the workshop: feminine flow & breathwork. Registration to

I think magic happens when different creative minds bring together their talents and lift each other up. It also brings a little extra to the audience, art is so subjective and in this way you can touch different types of interests as well. Thank you so much Martine for putting it all together so nicely and to all the other artists bringing in their soul to it!

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