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“A man with nothing to fear is a man with nothing to love.” – The Joker

Joker "I am fascinated by feelings attached to facial expressions, and as I am deepdiving into capturing those expressions I found Joaquin Phoenix as "Joker" a perfect subject! Many can identify with this deeply troubled soul that is so totally ignored, misunderstood and failed by society - on some level and to some extent, if it is situation based or due to a traumatic experience or an ongoing struggle. Mental health issues are still taboos even though they are more accepted and addressed today. This movie touched my core so deeply, and I find it way more deep and unfortunately realistic than just a cartoon figure in Gotham City. This is one of my favorite movies, but also one of the most depressing ones.


"I am deepdiving into facial expressions, especially eyes. I first did the Joker as an ultimate challenge for a facial expression study. Villanelle from Killing Eve struck me as the perfect female version as her behaviour and inner struggles shows many parallelles to the Joker character. So I tried portraiting her as the Jokerette."

When I had a "quiz" on social media to who I had portrayed, several answered Kaley Couco from Flight Attendant. It could definitely fit both in looks and mental health. But to me Villanelle is the ultimate Jokerette.

"Sometimes when you love someone you do crazy things." - Villanelle, Killing Eve

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