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Stop bombing Gaza, end civilian suffering!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

One child dies every 10 minutes!

"3,195 children killed in three weeks surpasses annual number of children killed in conflict zones since 2019" - Save the children Oct 29 2023

I’ve had a major creative block lately, and I’ve had quite a down to be honest. It has been a lot going on in in my life in many different ways and I get a bit «lost» in those times. And I think it is an understatement that I get effected by the horrible news flowing in everyday about inhumanity so brutal - effecting soooo many people and shaking the whole world up! I can’t even relate to it but I feel it to the core of my bones! And what I can relate to is a mothers love for her child. I cried for an hour after reading the latest numbers on children killed! I saw several photos of mothers kissing their child goodbye - in a white bag! My heart cannot take it, and I think any mother or anyone with any feelings have a hard time witnessing all the horror effecting innocent civilian lives. The world can not watch in silence. We need to demand a ceasefire by all parties to end civilian suffering.

Painting is therapy for me, and now I really had to utilize my feelings into paint! I couldn’t bring myself to paint something extreme or political in that sence, but instead I wanted to express that intense love and bond between a mother and her child. 🕊️


70x100 cm Acrylic and metallic pigments on deepedge canvas

Kr. 27 000,- NOK

30 % will be donated to Redd Barna

(Save the children) for their work for children in Gaza.

Many of us are feeling helpless to help when warcrimes and terror on innocent civilians and especially children happens in a large scale every day.

A few things we all CAN do:

  • Donate to trusted organizations for crucial help and medical aid to areas suffering from war! Here are some: Redd Barna Unicef Amnesty

  • Educate yourself on the conflicts from reliable sources, some news sources can provide fake news, be partial or even censor information. You can gather facts from help organizations such as listed above.

  • Be aware that any conflict is complex and often has more sides than one. Also remember, most of the people of countries are innocent and victims. It is a common fult to generalize a whole population in line with its country´ s war strategy. Most people don´t wish war upon their own or any other country. Don´t judge people based on their country´s conflict.

  • Spread awareness and sign partitions, every voice is important!

  • Participate in demonstrations

  • Show love and affection to your dear ones around you. It doesn't help anyone to be brought down by world conflicts - the least you can do is appreciate important people in your life, appreciate being in a peaceful and free place and spread love and affection to your dearest

For me, it is important to spread awareness and help people through my art, even though it is a drop in the sea 🕊️

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